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               Image Processing

     Image processing is any form of signal processing for which the input is an image, such as a photograph or video frame; the output of image processing may be either an image or, a set of characteristics or parameters related to the image. Most image-processing techniques involve treating the image as a two-dimensional signal and applying standard signal-processing techniques to it. Image processing usually refers to digital image processing, but optical and analog image processing also are possible. This article is about general techniques that apply to all of them. The acquisition of images (producing the input image in the first place) is referred to as imaging.


Optical sorting, Face detection, Feature detection, Medical image processing, Morphological image processing, Exploration geophysics, Non-photorealistic rendering.

                Project Titles

  • Vision Processing for Realtime 3-D Data Acquisition Based on Coded Structured Light
  • Piecewise Linear Digital Curve Representation and Compression Using Graph Theory and a Line Segment Alphabet
  • A Wavelet-Laplace Variational Technique for Image Deconvolution and Inpainting
  • Image Interpolation by Adaptive 2-D Autoregressive Modeling and Soft-Decision Estimation
  • Active Learning Methods for Interactive Image Retrieval
  • Research on three image difference algorithm
  • Complexity-based border detection for textured images
  • Tomographic Imaging of Dynamic Objects With the Ensemble Kalman Filter
  • An improved color image encryption based on chaotic map and OCML model
  • Face Recognition Using Kernel PCA and Hierarchical RBF Network

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