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               Digital Signal Processing

  • DSP is concerned with the representation of discrete time signals by a sequence of numbers or symbols and the processing of these signals
  • Digital signal processing and analog signal processing are subfields of signal processing
  • DSP includes subfields like: audio and speech signal processing, sonar and radar signal processing, sensor array processing, spectral estimation, statistical signal processing, digital image processing, signal processing for communications, control of systems, biomedical signal processing, seismic data processing, etc


  • The main applications of DSP are audio signal processing, audio compression, digital image processing, video compression, speech processing, speech recognition, digital communications, RADAR, SONAR, seismology and biomedicine. Specific examples are speech compression and transmission in digital mobile phones, room correction of sound in hi-fi and sound reinforcement applications, weather forecasting, economic forecasting, seismic data processing, analysis and control of industrial processes, medical imaging such as CAT scans and MRI, MP3 compression, computer graphics, image manipulation, hi-fi loudspeaker crossovers and equalization, and audio effects for use with electric guitar amplifiers
  • EEG Analysis-to perform analysis on Mental task
  • ECG Analysis-to perform disease diagnosis based on heart related diseases

                Project Titles

  • Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for classification of ecg signals
  • Classification of Mental Task From EEG Signals Using Immune Feature Weighted Support Vector Machines
  • Accurate Derivation of Heart Rate Variability Signal for Detection of Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children
  • Study of Feature Extraction Based on Autoregressive Modeling in ECG Automatic Diagnosis
  • Design of Optimal Comb FIR Filters-Speed and Robustness IEEE2009
  • Optimal Low-Frequency Filter Design for Uncertain 2-1 Sigma-Delta Modulators
  • Analysis of Emotionally Salient Aspects of Fundamental Frequency for Emotion Detection
  • DSP for Coherent Single-Carrier Receivers
  • Noisy Component Extraction (NoiCE) IEEE2009
  • A New Delayless Subband Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for Active Noise Control Systems IEEE2009
  • Observer-Controller Based Digital PLL IEEE2009
  • A 99-dB DR Fourth-Order Delta–Sigma Modulator for 20-kHz Bandwidth Sensor Applications IEEE2009
  • Sampling Theorems for Signals From the Union of Finite-Dimensional Linear Subspaces IEEE2009
  • Reversible Re-sampling of Integer Signals IEEE2009
  • A Blind I/Q Imbalance Compensation Technique for Direct-Conversion Digital Radio IEEE2009
  • Design of Optimal Comb FIR Filters-Speed and Robustness IEEE2009
  • Optimal Low-Frequency Filter Design for Uncertain 2-1 Sigma-Delta Modulators IEEE2009
  • Quality Controlled ECG Compression using Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) and Laplacian Pyramid (LP) IEEE2009
  • Wavelet-based ECG Compression using Dynamic Multi-stage Vector Quantization IEEE2009

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