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100% OUTPUT AND QUALITY ASSURANCE                                        FINAL YEAR PROJECTS ON GSM-GPS



               GSM - GPS

  • Global System for mobile communication(GSM) is used to transfer the message from one GSM to another GSM
  • The GPS satellites continuously transmit digital radio signals that contain data on the satellites location and the exact time to the earth-bound receivers
  • When we are in need to control the load by using mobile,we must go for GSM
  • For tracking purpose we need to go for GPS


Theft detection, Military application, Industrial application, Communication, Robotics.

                Project Titles

  • Gsm-based wireless home appliances monitoring & control system
  • Gsm-based distribution transformer monitoring system
  • Fire detection and automatic intimation system
  • Electro magnetic door status scrutinize and control through sms
  • Mobile based involuntary robotic control system
  • Gsm based smart information system for lost atm cards
  • Short messaging system based voting system using gsm
  • Vehicle theft and tracking using gps and gsm
  • Accident identification using gps and send sms through gsm to a mobile
  • Accident identification using gps and rf communication system

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