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You Will Learn How To

  • Build and manage SQL Server 2008 databases
  • Retrieve and manipulate data with SQL queries
  • Integrate SQL Server with .NET, Microsoft Office and XML
  • Secure and monitor databases with Management Studio
  • Replicate data over multiple servers with merge replication
  • Transform data into strategic information using Business Intelligence processes

Who Should Attend

  • Those who are new to Microsoft SQL Server. Familiarity with relational databases is helpful.


  • SQL Server 2008 offers a progressive and powerful way to manage your organization's information.
  • A robust and scalable enterprise solution, SQL Server 2008 extends the features of SQL Server 2005 and improves application development time and cost management.
  • This hands-on course provides a solid foundation on which to build essential SQL Server development and administrative skills, including creating databases, generating Transact-SQL statements, implementing security and replicating data over multiple servers.
  • Creating tables and constraints
  • Manipulating data with SQL
  • Integrating SQL Server with Office
  • Securing access to SQL Server from intruders
  • Backing up databases to prevent disasters with the Maintenance Plan Wizard
  • Replicating data between multiple databases
  • Rendering a report with Reporting Services
  • Fundamentals of relational databases
  • SQL Server 2008 editions
  • Standard
  • Enterprise
  • Workgroup
  • Express
  • Compact
  • Developer
  • SQL Server components and tools
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Management reports
  • Business Intelligence Development Studio
  • SQL Server Agent
  • Database engine
  • Constructing the Database
  • Choosing files and directories
  • Allocating file size and growth parameters
  • Implementing database schemas

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