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  • 3d Studio Max is an industry leading application for design visualization, game development and visual effects. 3ds Max is powerful and flexible enough for professionals, but intuitive enough for the beginner.
  • Whether new to 3ds Max or new to 3D, these lectures provide ample discussion of the tools needed to create visually rich imagery and animations.
  • User interface foundations are presented, focusing on 3ds Max's ease and simplicity.
  • Learn core concepts as well as efficient, professional modeling, animation, texturing and lighting techniques.

Objective - Upon successful completion of this program, you’ll

  • Develop skills to enter the world of video game development as an animator or a 3D modeler
  • Gain the technical knowledge and skills vital for success in your career


  • This course suits the needs of design visualization industry.
  • This will bring adequate knowledge to the engineers, how to work with 3ds Max in the Design visualization industry.
  • Syllabus meets the industry needs precisely
  • Syllabus has been framed after a thorough study of the Industry
  • New Course ware is a true testimony of world class

    This unique course has been designed exclusively for the engineers, Architects & graduates interested in interior design & Visualization.

  • Extended Primitives
  • Customizing the Units
  • Basic Models using Parametric Deformers
  • AEC Extended objects
  • Advanced Set modeling-Buildings
  • Foliage-Exterior- Landscaping
  • 3D Boolean
  • Compound Objects
  • 2D Boolean
  • Standard Lighting
  • Advanced Lighting
  • Basic Texturing
  • Particles
  • Environment Effects
  • Reactors
  • Mental ray Rendering
  • Camera Walk through
  • Module 1
  • 3D Coordinate Systems
  • Constructing 3D Models
  • Box Modeling
  • Designing and Applying Textures
  • Modifiers and Manipulators
  • Scene Rendering
    Module 2
  • Detail Texturing
  • Managing Complexity
  • Loft Objects and Tessellation Controls.
  • Advanced Box Modeling
  • Opacity, Specular, Luminosity, Ambient Occlusion and Normal Maps
  • Environmental Props
  • Static Meshes
  • Exporting Game Geometry
  • Shallow Space Diffuse Maps
  • Organic Meshes
  • Module 3
  • Inspiration and Archetypes
  • The Character Design Process
  • Modeling a Game Character
  • UVW Mapping for Game Characters
  • Setting up a Skeleton
  • Skinning
  • The Principles of Animation
  • Animation for Game Characters
  • Game Animation

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