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  • RH253 arms students with in-depth knowledge needed to configure common Red Hat Enterprise Linux network services. Network and local security tasks are also topics of this course.


  • RH133 Red Hat Linux System Administration or equivalent experience with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, LAN/WAN fundamentals or equivalent, internetworking with TCP/IP or equivalent.


  • Upon completion of this course, individuals can set up a Red Hat Enterprise Linux server and configure common network services and security at a basic level.


  • Networking services on Red Hat Linux server-side setup, configuration, and basic administration of common networking services: DNS, NIS, Apache, SMB, DHCP, Sendmail, FTP. Other common services: tftp, pppd, proxy.
  • Introduction to security
  • Developing a security policy
  • Local security
  • Files and filesystem security
  • Password security
  • Kernel security
  • Basic elements of a firewall
  • Red Hat Linux-based security tools
  • Responding to a break-in attempt
  • Security sources and methods
  • Overview of OSS security tools
    System Performance and Security
  • Concepts and Practices
  • System Faults and Breaches
  • Method of Fault Analysis
  • System Service Access Controls
  • Service and Network Access Controls
  • System Initialization and Service Management
  • Service and Application Access Controls
  • tcp_wrappers Configuration
  • Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux)
  • Network Resource Access Controls
  • Internet Protocol and Routing
  • IPv6: Dynamic Interface Configuration
  • IPv6: StaticInterface Configuration
  • IPv6: Routing Configuration
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • IPv6 and ip6tables
  • Organizing Networked Systems
  • Host Name Resolution
  • DNS-Specific Resolvers
  • Trace a DNS Query with dig
  • Exploring DNS with host
  • Remote Name Daemon Control (rndc)
  • The DHCP Service
    Network File Sharing Services
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • Network File Service (NFS)
  • Port options for the Firewall
  • Configuring Samba
  • Web Services
  • Apache Overview
  • Apache Server Configuration
  • Virtual Hosts
  • Apache Access Configuration
  • CGI
  • Electronic Mail Services
  • Essential Email Operation
  • Simple Mail Transport Protocol
  • Sendmail SMTP Restrictions
  • Postfix SMTP Restrictions
  • Postfix Operation
  • Securing Data
  • The Need For Encryption
  • Symmetric Encryption
  • Asymmetric Encryption
  • Public Key Infrastructures
  • Digital Certificates

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