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  • The Red Hat Linux System Administration (RH133) week-long course provides intensive system administration training enabling participates to develop the skills they need to effectively administer Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Participants learn to properly manage a Linux workstation or server, including installation and configuration of local components and services as well as connections to existing network services


  • IT professionals who install, configure, and/or maintain Linux systems, including virtual machine instances
  • System administrators who have worked on other operating systems and would like to effectively administer Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Administrators who want to increase their basic Linux administration knowledge


  • Red Hat Linux Essentials (RH033) or equivalent experience such as essential system administration tasks including basic installation, package management, and user management procedures.
  • Before enrolling this course, it is recommend that students check their experience level by taking a free online pre-assessment questionnaire.


  • This course includes a Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT) exam on the final day of the course.
  • An RHCT certification is earned when an IT professional demonstrates the core system administration skills common to Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments.
  • RHCT is an appropriate certification for system administrators and professionals in a wide variety of related roles, including database administrators, developers, and support technicians.
    System Initialization
  • Objectives
  • Boot Sequence Overview
  • Boot Loader Components
  • GRUB and grub.conf
  • Starting the Boot Process: GRUB
  • Kernel Initialization
  • init Initialization
  • Run Levels
  • /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit
  • /etc/rc.d/rc
  • System V run levels
  • Kernel Services
  • Objectives
  • The Linux Kernel
  • Kernel Images and Variants
  • Kernel Modules
  • Kernel Module Utilities
  • Kernel Configuration With /proc
  • System Services
  • Network Time Protocol
  • System Logging
  • syslog Configuration
  • XOrg: The X11 Server
  • Remote X Sessions
  • Daily Cron Jobs
    User Administration
    • Adding a New User Account
    • Group Administration
    • Password Aging Policies
    • Filesystem Management
      • Disk Partitioning
      • Managing Partitions
      • Making Filesystems
      • Filesystem Labels
      • Advanced Filesystem Management
      • Configuring the Quota System
      • Setting Quotas for Users
      • Reporting Quota Status
      • Network Configuration
      • Network Inferfaces
      • Driver Selection
      • Speed and Duplex Settings
      • IPv4 Addresses
      • Dynamic IPv4 Configuration
      • Installation
        • Anaconda, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installer
        • First Stage: Starting the Installation
        • First Stage: Boot Media
        • Kickstart: Commands Section

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