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  • Accelebrates Groovy for Java Developers training teaches experienced Java developers how to write programs in Groovy that simplify, enhance, and expand their existing knowledge

Software Needed on Each Student PC

Please contact us for specific setup instructions. In general, you will need

  • A Java SE SDK 1.5.0 or later
  • The latest stable release of Groovy
  • A good integrated development environment that supports both languages, like Eclipse, TextMate, or UltraEdit
  • Other open source software


  • Understand how dynamic languages differ from languages like Java or C#
  • Work with Groovy closures
  • Use Groovy control structures
  • Build object-oriented programs in Groovy
  • Use Groovy builders to reduce complexity
  • Access databases using Groovy
  • Process XML files in Groovy
  • Write unit tests in Groovy
  • Access Java classes from Groovy, and vice versa
  • Build a simple web application using Grails
    Groovy Fundamentals
  • Differences between Groovy and Java
  • Compiling and executing Groovy programs
  • The basic Groovy data types and optional typing
  • Writing Groovy scripts
  • Declaring classes
  • GDK: the Groovy library
  • Groovy strings
  • Regular expressions in Groovy
  • Groovy Collections
  • Ranges
  • Maps
  • Iterators and polymorphic algorithms
  • Closures in Groovy
  • Declaring closures
  • Available options for calling closures
  • Groovy Control Structures
  • Conditional execution
  • Looping constructs
  • Using Classes and Scripts
  • Groovy fields and local variables
  • Methods and operations
  • Organizing classes in packages
  • Using inheritance
    Unit Testing in Groovy
  • GroovyTestCase
  • Unit-testing Groovy code
  • Unit-testing Java code
  • Groovy Builders
  • NodeBuilder
  • MarkupBuilder
  • SwingBuilder
  • Survey of the GDK
  • Groovlets
  • Database Access with Groovy
  • Basic database operations
  • DataSet operations
  • Working with XML
  • Reading and parsing XML documents
  • Using XPath expressions
  • Distributed processing with XML
  • Simple Metaprogramming
  • Metaclasses
  • Web Development with Grails
  • The Grails framework
  • Creating web applications using Grails


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