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  • In this course, you will learn how to to create everything from first-rate business presentations and newsletters to effective budgets and event planners.
  • Learn how to effortlessly create stunning presentations, complete with Apple-designed themes, cinema-quality animations, and voiceover narration. Create compelling spreadsheets for everything from family budgets and event planning to invoices and complex financial reports.
  • All three applications offer import and export compatibility with Microsoft Office applications.

Who Should Attend

  • This class is designed for educators, students, professionals, and others who prefer hands-on and interactive instruction to best explore the functionality of the iWork applications.
  • This course prepares students to pass the Apple Certified Associate, iWork exam.


  • Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course:
  • Basic knowledge of the Macintosh OS


  • Master iWork quickly through fun, real-world projects
  • Design a Keynote presentation from storyboard to Web export
  • Add animated charts and motion backgrounds to a presentation with ease
  • Publish great-looking newsletters and brochures in print and on the Web
  • Build a professional marketing package from scratch
  • Create expense reports, track budgets, and plan special events
  • Sort, organize, and chart data using sophisticated spreadsheet calculations
    Creating a Presentation
  • Opening Keynote - Choosing a Theme and Slide Size - Selecting a Master Slide - Outlining a Presentation - Pasting Text into an Outline - Formatting Text - Customizing a Layout - Adding a Table - Calculating the Value of Table Cells and Fixing Spelling Errors
  • Adding Photos
  • Charts - and Sound - Adding Photos - Enhancing Photos in Keynote - Customizing Photo Layouts - Making Part of a Photo Transparent - Adding Hyperlinks and Navigation - Adding a Chart - Adding Audio - Adding a Global Transition
  • Adding Video and Animation
  • Creating Graphs and Charts - Creating a Smart Build - Creating Custom Animations - Adding Sound to a Build - Creating Transitions Between Slides - Creating 2D and 3D Animations - Creating Object Effect Transitions - Using Text Effects Transitions - Using Magic Move - Using Video in a Slideshow
  • Creating a Custom Theme
  • Preparing an Empty Theme - Creating a Title Slide - Creating a Photo Master - Saving and Sharing Themes - and Applying a Custom Theme
  • Importing from PowerPoint and Working with Charts
  • Importing a PowerPoint Presentation - Animating a Title Slide - Cleaning up a Chart - Enhancing and Animating a Chart - Improving Title Text - Animating a Table - Animating a Column Chart and Pie Chart - Adding Content from a Document and Saving a PowerPoint or PDF File

    Rehearsing and Delivering Your Presentation
  • Reviewing with Light Table View - Adding Comments - Adding and Printing Presenter Notes - Rehearsing a Presentation - Giving a Presentation with a Portable Computer - Using an iPhone or iPod as a Remote Control
  • Publishing your Presentation
  • Printing Handouts - Exporting as PDF - Exporting to PowerPoint , Images , QuickTime , iPod , HTML - Sending to iWeb - Sending to YouTube- Sharing a Presentation with iChat Theater and Exporting to iDVD
  • Word Processing
  • Opening Pages - Choosing a Template - Writing in Full-Screen Mode - Replacing Placeholder Text - Proofreading a Document and Creating Addressed Envelopes
  • Building a Report
  • Opening an Existing File - Tracking Changes - Inserting a Cover Page -Adjusting Margins - Adding a Footer - Formatting Text and Lists Using Styles - Updating a Paragraph Style - Character Styles - Formatting a List Using List Styles
  • Spreadsheet Essentials
  • Opening Numbers - Choosing a Template - Working with Sheets - Working with Tables - Importing Spreadsheet Data - Formatting a Table - Using Table Styles - Using Formulas and Functions - Adding Media - and Printing

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