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  • Perl is a powerful and unique interpreted language specifically suited for text processing.
  • It is used across the world for CGI applications and system administration tasks.
  • It has incorporated many features from various languages including dynamic typing, objects, and first-class functions (closures)
  • This introductory Perl tutorial course for Windows will introduce you to the beginning concepts of Perl in a familiar Windows environment and show you how to set it up for CGI with Microsoft's Personal Web Server or Internet Information Server.
  • I wrote this course as an accompaniment to a classroom course in Perl, but now this website is visited by Perl students from around the world.
  • In addition to the basic Perl content, an appendix contains instructions on installing Perl and Microsoft's Personal Web Server on your Windows PC.


  • A student should be familiar with basic operation of a computer, how to open a DOS session, how to download and install a software package.
  • Familiarity with at least one other programming language is not required, but it would be a definite asset. Since this course is directed at CGI programming,
  • it is understood that the student should have a good working knowledge of HTML.


  • Understand how CGI applications work
  • Learn to use Perl's CGI.pm module
  • Learn to create dynamic forms with Perl
  • Learn to use server-side includes
  • Learn to manage database data with Perl
  • Learn to maintain sessions and use cookies with Perl
  • Under web security issues
    Introduction to Perl
  • Whats Perl?
  • Variables and Types
  • Flow Control
  • Pattern Matching
  • Introduction to Matching
  • The Binding Operator
  • Regular Expressions
  • Substitution
  • Advanced Ideas
  • Functions
  • Introduction to Functions
  • String Functions
  • Array Functions
  • Test Functions
  • User Functions
  • Files
  • Introduction to Input and Output
  • Standard Output, STDOUT
  • Writing to Files
  • Standard input, STDIN
  • Reading from Files
  • Reading Directories
  • Editing File Contents
  • Recursive Editing
    Introduction to CGI
  • Introduction to CGI
  • First Page to Browser
  • Printing HTML
  • Serving HTML Files
  • Serving Edited Files
  • The CGI Module
  • Introduction to GET and POST
  • The CGI Module, CGI
  • Handling Forms
  • Handling Form Errors
  • Handling Fatal Errors
  • CGI In Use
  • CGI In Use
  • Site Search
  • Presenting Data from a Database
  • Handling Cookies
  • Uploading Files to the Server
  • Requesting Info from other Servers


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