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  • This course, Specailly for Developers you'll learn how to use features of Silverlight is a powerful development platform for creating engaging.
  • With support for advanced data integration, multithreading, HD video using IIS Smooth Streaming, and built in content protection, Silverlight enables online and offline applications for a broad range of business and consumer scenarios. and so much more.


  • We recommend that you have the Microsoft Expression Studio software before starting the class. You can purchase the software or obtain a trial version of it at from the Microsoft web site


  • Silverlight provides a platform for delivering rich, immersive experiences across multiple platforms and devices.
  • Learnbench Silverlight for Developers training class is a comprehensive way for Web and interactive developers to learn how to build applications and create content that leverages the power of Microsoft Silverlight.
  • Contact LearnBench about this Microsoft Silverlight training class.
    Silverlight Overview
  • Silverlight Capabilities
  • Using Silverlight for Rich Media
  • Animation
  • Introducing Silverlight
  • Data-binding
  • Bitmap Caching
  • Silverlight Scenarios
  • Silverlight Development Workflow
  • Essentials of XAML
  • Integrating Silverlight
  • Integration with ASP.NET
  • Deeper Integration With Browser
  • Integration with SharePoint
  • Building a UI with XAML
  • Layout Controls
  • Grid vs. Canvas
  • Transforming a Canvas
  • The Viewbox Control
  • Silverlight vs. WPF
  • Introduction to Expression Blend
  • Expression Blend Workspace
  • Brushes and Drawing Tools
  • Creating Animation using Storyboards
  • Behaviors
    Streaming Media
  • Preparing Video with Expression Encoder
  • Understanding Bitrate
  • Encoding Basics
  • Using the MediaElement control in Blend
  • Creating Deep Zoom Content
  • Silverlight Data Entry Controls
  • Binding Data to Controls
  • Designing Data Entry Forms
  • Styling and Templating Controls
  • Using Visual State Manager
  • Creating Custom Controls
  • Silverlight Networking
  • WebRequestCreator Class
  • Working Cross-Domain Sockets
  • Web Services
  • Windows Azure and Cloud Services
  • Overview of Data Access Options
  • Accessing Data in Silverlight
  • LINQ-to-SQL
  • Entity Framework
  • ADO.NET Data Services
  • Validating Data
  • .NET RIA Services

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