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  • Learn how to unleash your creative potential with advanced tutorials on the industry's most advanced authoring environment for creating interactive websites.
  • You will learn scripting basics and then dive into how ActionScript works and how and where to include it in your applications.


  • Expand your skills beyond the basics of Flash 8 Professional with interactive lessons designed to broaden your Flash skills set.
  • Tackle the advanced capabilities of ActionScript for looping movie clips, playing sounds, and creating menu buttons.
  • Learn how to create compelling 2D animations and take video where it has never gone before.
  • Changing the Position and Size of an Object
  • Introducing Dot Syntax
  • Using the Movie Explorer
  • Placing Objects Inside Other Objects Using Paths
  • Altering the Parent of an Object
  • Using the Insert a Target Path Tool
  • De.ning Classes, Objects, Properties, Methods, & Events
  • Adding an Event Handler to a Movie Clip
  • Making Things Easier by Declaring Object Types
  • Using a Method to Add a Specific Action to a button
  • Using Various Methods to Obtain Specific Date Data
  • Creating a Named Dynamic Text Field
  • Creating Dynamic Text Fields from Static Text
  • Using ActionScript to Insert Text into a Field
  • Overview of Creating Text Fields with ActionScript
  • Creating New Text Fields with ActionScript
  • Changing Text Color with ActionScript
  • Changing Text Properties with a TextFormat Object
  • Using setNewTextFormat, Grouping Scripts & Auto Format
  • Embedding Fonts into a Flash Movie
  • Exporting Data to a Website via URL
  • Adding Navigation Between the Form & Home Text
  • Importing Data from a Text File Using a LoadVars Object
  • Accessing Variables in a Text File
  • Setting Up How the Data Displays on Screen
  • Setting Up a Navigation System to Access Variables
  • Setting Parameters & Using ActionScript to Load Lables
  • Linking the ComboBox Data to the TextArea Data
  • Setting Up an XMLConnector to Bring in Data
  • Setting Up a Binding in the Component Inspector
  • Assigning the Default Value for the Selected Index
  • Adding Areas & Setting Up Their Bindings
  • Using a Loader Component to Load Graphics
  • Adding Image Loaders for the Sun & Water Indicators
  • Changing Styles with ActionScript
  • Creating Simple Animations with ActionScript
  • Using Buttons to Play & Stop Animations
  • Writing Script to Control the Alpha of a Movie Clip
  • Using a Conditional Statement to Create Smarter Animations
  • Adjusting the Speed of the Animation
  • Varying the Speed of an Animation
  • Creating & Using Functions
  • Animating with the SetInterval Function
  • Animating with Transitions
  • Animating with the Easing Parameter


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