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  • Introduction to Mac OS X is a one-day preliminary course for those new to Mac OS X who need to prepare for the Mac OS X Support Essentials course, or other technical Mac OS X training courses.
  • This course focuses on getting to know the foundations of Mac OS X, with topics ranging from efficient window and application management to system customization.
  • You'll also learn how to configure user accounts and manage files.

Who Should Attend

  • This class is designed for those new to the Mac OS X platform who need to obtain the skills to support other Mac OS X users.
  • This could include entry level IT personnel in businesses that use Mac OS X systems for general productivity or creative design, service technicians who support Mac OS X customers, and technical coordinators or power users who manage networks of Mac OS X systems for their organization such as teachers and technology specialists who manage a classroom network or computer labs.


  • Practical working knowledge of computers

Two Sessions

Morning Session

  • Get to know the Mac OS X user interface. Learn Mac OS X basics; how to customize system-wide preferences and user preferences; how to use the Mac OS X help system; and how common applications integrate with each other.
  • Learn to manage multiple applications and multiple windows within applications.

Afternoon Session

  • Learn about Dashboard and Automator. Learn the basic principles of file sharing, and working with multiple users.


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